Monday, September 23, 2013

Review: Right of Way by Lauren Barnholdt

Right of Way by Lauren Barnholdt
Series: Companion to Two-way Street
Source: Borrowed
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Publication Date: July 9, 2013
Can a road trip repair a romance gone wrong? Find out in this standalone companion to Lauren Barnholdt’s Two-way Street.

Here are Peyton and Jace, meeting on vacation. Click! It’s awesome, it’s easy, it’s romantic. This is the real deal.

Unless it isn’t. Because when you’re in love, you don’t just stop calling one day. And you don’t keep secrets. Or lie. And when your life starts falling apart, you’re supposed to have the other person to lean on.

Here are Peyton and Jace again, broken up but thrown together on a road trip. One of them is lying about the destination. One of them is pretending not to be leaving something behind. And neither of them is prepared for what’s coming on the road ahead…

This isn't Lauren Barnholdt's best, that's for sure.

I enjoyed Two-way Street so I was looking forward to reading this. But it wasn't as good as I hoped it to be. Right of Way is very predictable, and the story line is JUST like the one of the companion novel. And the first paragraph is almost exactly the same too. 

Peyton wasn't a great main character; more often than not, I found her to be extremely annoying. The same goes for Jace, although he's not as bad. I liked seeing Courtney, Jordan, B.J. (LOL), and Jocelyn again but it's really different reading them from a different point of view.

I didn't really understand the love between Peyton and Jace. They've only known each other for a short period, yet they're so attracted to each other. And nothing in their relationship really made much sense (like why they stopped talking, etc.).

And Jace, you're VALEDICTORIAN. Not that I understand how, but go make the stupid speech. Seriously.

The ending felt too abrupt. It ended without much being resolved and everything just left hanging. Peyton and Jace get back together. The end.

Overall, this was an okay read, nothing really special. The characters weren't likeable, the plot predictable, and everything illogical. It was enjoyable at times, but some parts bored me. This is a book I wouldn't recommend if you're looking for a good road trip book.


  1. Awww, too bad you didn't like this one Angela! D:
    I loved Two-Way Street, but haven't gotten my hands on Right of Way. Looks like I was right not to buy the book.
    Great review! (:

    1. Thanks, Kelly. (: It's disappointing after Two-Way Street, especially because I liked the first one so much. Be happy you haven't read this one LOL.

      Thanks for stopping by!