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Thank you for reading our review policy! We will keep this as up to date as possible, and hopefully you get what you need from this. As of 3/29/2013 we have:

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We aren't paid for reviews-- The Ravens are totally honest, which means you aren't guaranteed a good review. But we will try to be constructive in our criticisms, so you can expect a  fair  review from us, even if you can't expect a good one. Also, we respect the ARC-- no Raven will ever sell an uncorrected proof.

As a group, The Ravens will accept these genres in Hard Format Only.

  • YA Contemporary/Romance
  • YA Paranormal
  • YA Fantasy
  • YA Dystopian
  • YA Humor
  • Ask us about Adult and Middle grade titles too!

These are the genres that we will accept as a group for review. Personally, though, we each have different tastes and you should check out our personal policies on our blogs for a better idea of what we'll like!
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Contact us at TheRavenReaders@gmail.com !

We Hated it. :(
 Eh, it was alright.
 We liked it.
 We really liked it!
 We LOVED it!

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