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Buddy Reads Discussion [1]


Megan: I gotta start with what I noticed first-- that beautiful cover and hardback! Did anyone else just stroke that pretty royal blue when they first opened it?

Stephanie: Mine is black!?

Sarah: Mine was black too!

Angela: Blue? Mine was black as well! 

Stephanie: Megan, are you sure you're looking at the right book? :P I just cannot believe that we have to wait until 2014!!! That is just cruel punishment! I need the next installment NOW! haha. What shall we talk about first? How about the boys?! :D

Sarah: The boys! :D

Angela: I love the boys! Wolf especially!

Megan: AHHHH! Definitely the boys!Wolf was fantastic, seriously! I love that man-- every wrong he ever did is forgiven, even though he totally betrayed Scarlet-- he made up for it. Plus, his teeth are really cool. LOL!

Stephanie: I do love Wolf, really I do. And, I agree, everything he did badly, is forgiven. However, I LOVE Thorne. :]

Megan: It's a good thing that we could never argue about boys, then. *cough*Wolf is better*cough* *clears throat* Anywho, I could see why you like Thorne. He's got that ladies man thing going for him, doesn't he? Also, he's got that slow drippin' honey way of talking. LOL.

Stephanie: And he's funny! I heard he's even better in Cress! :D

Sarah: I like them both. Though I love Wolf a little more. Thorne is totally awesome too. Why must Marissa Meyer create such swoon worthy men? :)

Angela: To the point where you can't decide. ;) But for the record, I'm Wolf all the way!

Megan: I'm totally with Angela here, y'all!! I never saw him betraying Scarlet coming, though. That surprised me so freaking much!

Stephanie: I heard a rumor that Thorne is going to be a love interest for Cress... which if that is true then I hope Marissa creates an amazing guy for Cinder, cause I'm sorry but Kai is not doing it for me. As Jackie has pointed out to me.. "Kai is a little bitch"

Megan: Oooh, really? That would be so cool! LOL, I still don't get what he did wrong! He did exactly what he had to. Maybe he'll redeem himself in y'all's eyes, though! LOL. I love you, Jackie! ;P

Sarah: I really hope Kai will redeem himself. It's just the fact that Cinder risked her life to warn him and then he does the one thing she was trying to save him from. So it's like her life meant nothing to him. That is why I'm so mad at him.

Angela: I agree with Sarah. Kai better improve in Cress. I felt like he wasn't the same person he was in Cinder. And Cinder definitely needs her own swoony guy!

Megan: I feel kind of like arguing for Kai-- here's your options, laid out in front of you. You only have two:

OPTION 1: Do what Cinder tells you too, because she risked her life and you love her. But guess what? EVERYONE else in your kingdom will PERISH because of the Lunar Queen's vendetta against Cinder.

OPTION 2: Marry the queen and be offed, but keeping your kingdomer's alive. Under the rule of Lunars, but alive. Basically, you die they live. Kind of like Braveheart.

OPTION 3: You didn't sign up for this gig. RUN AWAY!

I actually think that he picked a good option. The only one that could seriously be considered-- he forfeits his life for theirs. That's what any good king or emperor should be willing to do. I mean, I hope that he makes some kind of miraculous escape from death, but it sure don't look good. I just felt a little like arguing my point. Yay or nay?

Sarah: No I totally get what you're pointing at. Maybe I am being a little harsh on Kai, but there's also the fact that once she has him out of the way his people will be slaves. And don't forget the end of Scarlet where she never really withdrew her troops even after he agreed to marry her. I don't think it's going to make much of a difference what he does, people are going to die.

Stephanie: Sarah is right. She will make them her slaves or kill them. Regardless people will die. So, then what makes the difference if he didn't agree to marry Levana? Regardless people were going to die. And, honestly, I'm not really sure why Kai is on my shit list. But he is. He just doesn't do it for me. I need Cinder to have a swoon worthy guy and to me... Kai is just not that... I think he is a nimrod for not realizing that Cinder is Princess Selene. He knew the information about Michele Benoit and that she lives in Rieux... then when he finds out that Cinder is in Rieux... why doesn't he put the 2 together? Anyone with an IQ of 60 could do that. Ugh, stupid, stupid men.

Megan: Okay, now I get where you guys are coming from! YES. People will die, but at least he would have made the decision to try to save them. Maybe I'm being a little too soft on Kai? I mean, Steph has a point-- he is a nimrod for not figuring out that Cinder was Princess Selene. And also for thinking that she was kinda sorta evil. Men are so dense.

Sarah: Well, maybe he has some trick up his sleeve that'll make me forgive him and then all will be right with the world :D. I don't know how anybody would willingly want to marry that nasty woman. They're obviously going to save him because Cinder is in love with Kai. Hopefully they take out Queen Levana soon, she annoys me.

Megan: DIANA! ANNIE! JACKIE! Where areee youuuuuu?

Maybe he does. You'll never know if you don't read Cress! Fat chance, right? ;P I don't think that anyone honestly would. Besides Kai, I mean. But we've already decided that he's at the wrong place. LOL. Cinder is TOTALLY in love with Kai, it is so cute. I think he loves her too, but he's just confused. DON'T SAY THAT! I actually really like Queen Levana. She's a really good villain, and I just die every time I read a good villain!

Annie: Hey I'm here! I totally agree about Kai. I think he needs to seriously step it up in Cress or I'm afraid all my hope is lost for him. :(

Sarah: LOL! As far as villain's go she's one of the best, but she's an awful person :D. I hope we get to see more of Wolf, because darn it I love that boy.

Megan: It's so wonderful to know that we all love the same man. Kind of makes it awkward, don't you think? *the rest of the world loves him too*

Sarah: It does make it awkward. There's obviously going to have to be a fight to the death. :D Whoever is left standing gets to keep Wolf!

Annie: Haha I like that idea! But Wolf is MINE!

Stephanie: Honestly, I think Queen Levana is in until the very end of the series. And, you're right, she is one of the best villains I have come across...I just hate the fact that she has auburn hair. Not all of us redheads are bad, ya know. So, obviously I was SO relieved that Marissa made it up with a fiery kickass heroine such as Scarlet. I love her. SO MUCH. I even liked her more than Cinder...

Megan: LOL, Sarah! ;D I think that you're right, Steph. She makes such a good villain that it would be kind of hard to kill her off. And, well, she's doing a good job making the series interesting. *Steph is not evil!* I LOVE Scarlet more than Cinder too. (:

Sarah: Scarlet definitely is better than Cinder. At least she doesn't run off and hide from her problems.

Annie: I totally agree. Scarlet just seemed stronger than Cinder, which is kinda hard because Cinder was awesome. I just connected more with her.

Megan: I feel like I'm sensing a theme...I wonder why we all like Scarlet better? Is it *dunt dunt dah* JOHN GREEN BRAINWASHING? o.O

Angela: LOL, Megan! It's definitely John Green brainwashing! I'm hoping each following book is better than the previous. I don't doubt that'll happen.

Megan: Teehee. I don't doubt that it'll happen either-- we're watching you, Marissa!

Sarah: LOL Megan! John Green XD. I don't doubt it either.

Stephanie: What do you mean by John Green brainwashing? I have yet to read one of his novels. I own Looking for Alaska but I haven't been able to tackle it just yet...

Megan: Well, it's an inside joke of me and Sarah's. Basically, we read The Fault in Our Stars together, which you know is like hugely popular, and we weren't big fans. So we decided that John Green is brainwashing everyone, because everyone of his books is BIG. Like, super big. And we're not great big fans. Dumb joke, but it's ours. ;)

Stephanie: haha, well, anywho. Back to the discussion at hand. :] What do you think or hope will happen in Cress? Personally, I would love some more Thorne action! I love him so much! :]

Megan: I don't know, actually. I've been thinking about the names of the first two, Cinder and Scarlet, which each turned out being main character names. Now I'm completely curious...why a name like Cress?

Sarah: I was wondering the same thing Megan! But guys, I was just on Goodreads and the release date is apparently February 4, 2014 O_O so far away. I really can't wait to see how she does a Rapunzel story though :)

Megan: OMG, Rapunzel? YOU'RE FREAKING JOSHING ME. That's awesome!! *fangirling is da BOMB*

Sarah: Nope, definitely not kidding. Go look on Goodreads.

Annie: Why does it have to be so far away? :( It makes me so sad, but usually waiting forever makes the book even better. (Example: Clockwork Princess!)

Stephanie: Cress, I think is short for Crescent Moon. At least, that's what I HEARD. It could be wrong. And yes, Cress is about Rapunzel! lol.

Megan: *looks* WHAT KIND OF A TERRIBLE PERSON CALLS THAT A SYNOPSIS? lol, I can't wait to read it! :D

Stephanie: I know, right? It's completely vague!! So what do you guys think will happen in the next book?

Megan: I'm not sure-- I don't think that I even really want to guess about it-- nothing I come up with will be as awesome as the real thing, right? ;P

Angela: Cress is the computer hacker that works for Queen Levana. She's stuck in a satellite orbiting Earth rather than a tower. It's sounds amazing already, doesn't it? :D

Sarah: Definitely! I want it right now :D.

Annie: Well, all I can say is that Marissa is a genius. I can't wait to see how Cress connects with everyone in Cinder and Scarlet. And hopefully we get a new boy for Cress! <3

Stephanie: I agree,  I can't wait until 2014! This book is definitely at the top of the list to get as soon as it gets released!!!! Let's see when is that... February 4... UGH SO FAR AWAY!!!!

Megan: Strangely, I think we may be all talked out about Scarlet. o.O

Sarah: I think so.  O.O

Angela: Agreed.

Megan: *starts maniacally humming It's the end of the World as we know it*

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