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Thank You, Mrs. M by Kate Rothwell

Thank You, Mrs. M
Thank You, Mrs. M by Kate Rothwell
Series: N/A
Source: Free on Amazon
Publisher: Self-published
Publication Date: September 9, 2009
"I wasn’t the only one telling a story. My anonymous Mrs. Moneybags tried to hide from me. Too bad I’m smart, Mrs. M, and I got you figured. But know what? I can keep your secrets. You and me—we made it work."

Benjamin Evans takes charge of younger siblings, but still finds some time for college--especially after he receives an offer of a full scholarship. The deal is he must share details about school and some private facts about his life. As he talks into the recorder over the months, Ben's curiosity about his sponsor increases.
The sleek silver oval lay in the palm of Ben's hand.

Thank You, Mrs. M was one of those books that I really wasn't sure about-- to the point of being unsure as I clicked "Buy with one click". But for some reason, it was the first book I picked to read when I got my Kindle. I was hooked from the very first page.

I loved the mystery of Mrs. Moneybags; I spent most of the book guessing about who she could be. But once I figured it out (and only because I was told) I was absolutely shocked! It ends up being a person that I never thought she could be. I didn't see it coming at all.

You know what else I didn't see coming? My kindle magically deleting all my notes. Now I'm left with only my brain for company, and that's really not good for reviews.

I found Ben to be a very good narrator. He was honest, and I liked how true to life he was. He didn't feel flat like most characters with problems do, just like I never found myself annoyed with his decisions or thought processes. I liked reading from his point of view.

Of course, that brings up another thing-- I loved the unique way that Thank You, Mrs. M was written. It was very interesting to only get the story from Ben talking to tapes that he sends to Mrs. Moneybags. It could be called unreliable, but I thought it was neat!

I also enjoyed the slight romance-- Ben just had a way of saying things that made me downright swoon, seriously. I didn't expect this to have romance, and while it wasn't the kind I'm used to, I enjoyed it.

All in all, Thank You, Mrs. M was a unique read.
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