Monday, May 13, 2013

We're declaring August the Month of MG!

Sarah and I are planning a really cool event for all of you: a month of MG! Now, because us YA bloggers have such a hard time getting away from YA, we're going to make it a challenge. Right here, right now! I CHALLENGE YOU TO READ MG FOR A MONTH.  We declare August the month of MG!

Yeehoo! How fun, right? But as a challenge, it absolutely would not be complete without levels! We have four levels, and they are:

LEVEL 1: Baby Steps
Requirements: To complete level one, you need to read FIVE MG books in August!

LEVEL 2: Making an Effort
Requirements: Read TEN MG books in August!

LEVEL 3: Movin' UP!
Requirements: Read FIFTEEN MG books! I can't wait to see what you guys come up with to read!! :D

LEVEL 4: Are you sure you aren't a Middle Grader?
Requirements: Read 20+ MG books in August!

Now doesn't this just sound like so much fun? Sarah and I love to read MG to take a break from YA.

1. Please put your name in the Linky, along with a link. You don't have to be a blogger! If you have a goodreads, librarything, or other book site account and you're willing to write reviews for the MG that you read, you can participate!

2. Create a list of books that you'd like to read that are MG, along with a goal. The books don't have to be published this year.

3.  Have fun and meet lots of new (to you!) MG authors!!

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