Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Swoon Thursday (10)

YA Bound created a spicy meme where every week we’ll highlight what has made us swoon from a book we are currently reading or one we’ve just finished. Basically what got our heart pounding, skin tingling, and stomach fluttering.

When his mouth covered mine again, it wasn’t so still and soft. It may have started out that way for the shortest moment, but before my eyes closed, Jesse’s lips polished and sucked at mine like nothing I’d yet experienced. In addition to his other forms of divinity, the man was a kissing God. His hand on my neck kneaded the muscles at the base of it as his thumb continued to skim lazy lines just under my collar.
What made y'all swoon this week?! 


  1. Definitely swoony quote! I haven't read Lost & Found, but this makes me want to give the book a shot. The writing sounds fantastic!

  2. I've wanted to read Lost and Found for such a long time!!