Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Swoon Thursday (3)

Swoon Thursday (3)
YA Bound created a spicy meme where every week we will highlight what has made us swoon from a book we are currently reading or one we've just finished. Basically what got our heart pounding, skin tingling, and stomach fluttering.

Annie's Swoon:

“But I made it through another battle and so did you, Gypsy girl,” he said in a gentle voice. “No matter what happens, I’ll always come back to you.”
“Promise?” I asked in a shaky voice.
Logan’s eyes burned with icy determination. “Promise.”
He leaned forward, resting his forehead against mine. I stood up on my tiptoes and kissed him once, softly, before putting my head on his chest. Logan’s arms tightened around my back, and he pulled me even closer. 
What made you guys swoon this week?! 

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